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Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I'm a freelancing artist and animator back in Sweden after spending 4 years in Japan. Great experience but it does feel good to be back!
Check out my art and leave me a comment or two! ^^
Thanks :)

Also consider following me on Tumblr! (^ヮ^)



I recently got a job doing pixel sprite animations for a dude named Victor Wallin through this ad at pixeljoint…. He first wanted me to do all of his characters in simple animation, but wanted me to start with a fighter type of sprite.
So I did it, sent to him a walking cycle to the left and at first he was happy with it but wanted to check with his spriter from Netherlands, that he said was here on DA. Since he did the original-stand-still sprite I guessed.

After doing that he wanted some changes made and I did that and he said it was perfect so I moved on to the next walking cycles, front and back. I also did an Axe-swing. When I sent them he said that they where perfect as well, but as before he wanted to check with his spriter.
I thought it was fairly odd that he always wanted to check with his spriter but I just thought that "oh, well he believes in this guys strength apparently".
After I did some minor changes he then said that they would take the animations and put them into the game engine to see if turns and overall movement looked fine and then get back to me.
He never got back to me and I waited for about a week before contacting him about it. He then answered that he "was just about to email" me and that his spriter was going to do the animation from here on, but he wanted me to do some spell animations for them instead.
I was just like "waaah?" and asked that I wanted to see the animations and if it was new animations or if they had used mine to build on. He answered that it was "all new animation" and he then sent the new versions to me.

They where CLEARLY my animations with just minor changes. Some of them good changes maybe but still MY animation, and very minor changes.
Victor Wallin denied that they where the same or that they even where built on mine but he didn't count on that I would see the file-name for some reason.  I named mine Fighter_walkback3, Fighter_walkfront3 and Fighter_walkleft5 (attention to the numbers please) and the versions he sent me where named Fighter_walkback3_V2_, Fighter_walkfront3_V2_ and Fighter_walkleft5_V2_. So the same with just a _V2_. But still "it was ALL new animation". Riiiiiight.

I doubt he was ever going to pay me, and when I confronted him about everything about the filenames and the fact that practically nothing was changed he started to get really rude and belittling me. He offered me to pay for the sprites I had done "even though they weren't going to use them at all". Really? I made those animations that can be applied to all of the other animations, and even though he promised me more work and we never discussed how much just a small sprite set would cost he wants me to just accept that and basically be happy that he's paying me at all?!
So I said that I didn't want his money.
He then admitted that he had told his spriter that he didn't care if he used my animation if he wanted to. That "they had switched to the better animations." Who says that? It's like unbelievably rude.
I'm not hard to work with. If he had just told me from the beginning in a nice manner and offered me compensation for the work I did and just admitted that they used my animation as a template instead of blindly denying it I would probably had been fine with it. But to be such a scumbag!

I myself haven't spoken a word to the spriter in mention only to Victor Wallin. So I don't know if he knows all this as well or if he's just as tricked as I was. If that is the case (which I highly doubt though, since he used my animations) he can feel free to contact me.
This is not okay to do as a professional!
I'm really mad at myself as well for not forcing some kind of contract, but this is not okay.



The spriter who did the first 1 frame stand-still character sheet for all the characters is :iconneoriceisgood: but we talked and he claim that he doesn't do animation-commissions so I believe he has nothing to do with this. Apparently Victor hired some other guy to do the animation using mine or is doing it himself. I don't know.


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